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Thickness of 18/19 cm, one face in summer and one in winter

The composition of a mattress:

›› Metal structure composed of bonbon type Helizon springs with a mixture of carbon and non-deformable steel, with a thickness of 2.2 mm

›› layers of polyurethane sandwiched between the rows of springs

›› a layer of rigid felt (paste) with a density of 1200 g / sqm

›› a layer of polyurethane with a thickness of 4 cm and a density of 25 kg / m3

›› a layer of vatelina with density 160 g / sqm on the summer side of the mattress

›› a layer of silicone wool on the winter side, with a density of 160g / sqm

›› mattress cover is made of jakart material, padded with cotton or vatelina and TNT

›› ventilation buttons

›› packed in protective foil


›› accompanied by a guarantee certificate

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