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Sellers' User Guide

How it Works ?

Open your Shop


Before you create your shop, Sell or Register create an account.

You’ll use this account to run your shop and to buy from other makers on


          1. Click “Register Here”.                                            2. Or here.


Even if you are a member, you can easily login.

Please, fill the blanks properly. And last question is replied ‘your valid SHOP NAME’ to know you as your brand by you.

So next, please click ‘I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy. ’ that you accepted to be a free member of And then, click ‘Continue’.

  You will receive an e-mail regarding the successful login of your account.


To display your shop:

 From your Seller / Customer Dashboard :

On Phone:

Adding your country flag, you can make easy access.

1.If you are in ‘Edit your account information’ ; these are your personel or company infos. After completing, Save & Continue;


 2.If you are in ‘Change your password’;


3.If you are in ‘Modify your address book entries’; 


4.If you are in ‘Modify your wish list’; 


5.If you are in ‘View your order history’ of My Orders Section; 


6.If you are in ‘Downloads’ of My Orders Section; 


7.If you are in ‘Your reward points’ of My Orders Section; 


8.If you are in ‘View your return requests’ of My Orders Section; 


9.If you are in ‘Transactions’ of My Orders Section;