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TU2YfsF2YLYA , A-02YSF(L)T2Y , A-02YF(L) 2Y

TU2YfsF2YLYA , A-02YSF(L)T2Y ,  A-02YF(L) 2Y
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TU2YfsF2YLYA , A-02YSF(L)T2Y , A-02YF(L) 2Y

TU2YfsF2YLYA , A-02YSF(L)T2Y ,  A-02YF(L) 2Y

This telecommunications cable is applied as subscriber cable for connection of local telephone extensions with telephone exchanges. It is self-supporting and can be laid on pillars or on adequate supports on house fronts. Sheath resistant to UV-irradiation. Petroleum jelly and laminated sheath ensure longitudinal and transversal water-tightness. The cable is not intended for supply purposes.


1.Copper conductor of 0.4; 0.6 or 0.8 mm
2. Insulation: foamed polyethylene with a thin layer of solid polyethylene on 4 conductors are twisted in quad-star, 5 quads can be plaited in a base pack (brand G) or the quads are braided in concentric layers , the basic package: a-cores are in 5 different colors for each basic package, b, c and d are of the same color in all 5 basic packages, 5 or 10 base packages are locked in the main package, the first packet the base of the main or single layer coil is spirally wound with a red plastic strip, while all of the others with a colorless strip, the main links are spirally wound with a plastic strip, the first in the layer with a red tape, all others with a colorless band
3. Filling: gel (brand M) - for longitudinal seal; is possible without filling ,Separator: Inflatable tape for longitudinal seal with a thickness of 0.025 mm.Supporting element: Zinc coated steel cable (made of 1.0 or 1.2 mm diameter)
4. Wire: The 8-way cross-section PE component, covering both the cable core and the messenger wire,PE is Color: black

Technical date
Temperature range: during application: -5 ° C to + 50 ° C, fixed: -30 ° C to +50 ° C
Test voltage: core-core: 500 V, Insulation resistance: min. 1.5 GΩ / km
Imbalance capacity: at 800 Hz, 100% of the value, max. 800 pF / 300 m, Min. Inside bending radius: 10D,

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  • Model: TU2YfsF2YLYA , A-02YSF(L)T2Y , A-02YF(L) 2Y
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