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TU2YfsF2YLYAb2Y , A-02YSF(L)2Yb2Y , A-02YSF(L)b2Y

TU2YfsF2YLYAb2Y  , A-02YSF(L)2Yb2Y ,  A-02YSF(L)b2Y
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TU2YfsF2YLYAb2Y , A-02YSF(L)2Yb2Y , A-02YSF(L)b2Y

TU2YfsF2YLYAb2Y  , A-02YSF(L)2Yb2Y ,  A-02YSF(L)b2Y

This telecommunications cable is applied as subscriber cable for connection of local telephone extensions with telephone

    exchanges or in industrial plants. Possible laying in ground, in cable conduits, same as within premises. Sheath resistant to UV-irradiation

    and together with aluminium protection transversally watertight.

1.Conductor: solid copper conductor, of 0,4; 0,6 or 0,8; 0,9; 1.20 mm diameter

2. Insulation: PE (polyethylene) compound of type 2YI1, acc. to DIN VDE 0207

3.  per 4 conductors are twisted in star-quad, and 5 star- quads are stranded in a basic bundle ,

     core colour marking is defined acc. to DIN VDE 0816 (see page 353 of catalogue) - conductors in star-quad are of

     the same colour (red, green, grey, yellow or white), each conductor with a different number of black rings ,Separator: plastic tape

4. Protection: (ensures transversal water-tightness and protects electric screen against external impacts) aluminium tape 0,15 mm,

     longitudinally connected with overlap, both sides coated with PE-copolymer and longitudinally spliced with the sheath - making

     together a laminated sheath

5. Sheath: PE-compound 2YM2 acc. to VDE 0207 , sheath colour: black

6. Armoured by Steel tape ,

7.Sheath: PE-compound 2YM2 acc. to VDE 0207 , sheath colour: black

8. Marks on sheath:  meter length ,  marking,

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