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- Direct buried and/or duct type installation with highly reliable and industrial applications. - Designed for outside application and also it’s designed to protect optical fiber for the unexpected mechanical and environmental conditions. - Qualification and acceptance testing are performed to assure the optical cable’s performance and durability in several environments. 

1- Telecommunication applications 

2- Video applications 

3-Long Haul Communications 

4- Metropolitan Communication Systems ,

Fiber Type ;

SM 9/125 /G.652 d),

SM 9/125(NZDSF) (G.655-NZDSF)

MM 62,5/125 - 50/125 

Jelly Filled for Water resistance Dry core design is also available on customer request Dielectric Strength member (FRP) Peripheral Strength Member is glass yarn or Aramid yarn (If necessary

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